Celestial Cosmetics Duo for Crystal’s Charity Lacquers

    January 14, 2017

    Happy weekend guys! It’s sweltering here and I have SO much to do to get this kids ready for school, so I thought, ‘why not sit down and write a post for you all’?! And I have a treat for you today too! We’re taking a look at some NAIL POLISH!!!! Also, we’ll look at some super cute pet pictures. It’s a happy day!

    I have two new polishes from Australian brand, Celestial Cosmetics to show you, and the reason I’m putting them on here, as you will see, is they are absolutely delightful. Plus, my blog, my rules, so when I come across a lovely polish I’ll have no qualms sharing it with you all. After all, there are plenty of times where I miss good old nail polish blogging. Continue Reading

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